Assess loan file quality

For truly informed decision making, you need a comprehensive view of your potential borrower's creditworthiness and ability to repay.  With timely, accurate assessments of undisclosed liabilities, employment, income and property valuation, Equifax helps you eliminate these burdensome tasks during loan origination.


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Employment and Income Verification - Verify Information

Get the income and employment verification you need for loan qualification and confirmation of an applicant's ability to pay.

IRS Income Verification

Get the complete income picture and retrieve all IRS tax transcript forms directly from the IRS.

AVM Insight

Manage your collateral risk with a market-leading AVM.

Point in Time

Get retro verification of income and employment history to ensure due diligence was performed during the underwriting process.

Collateral Value Connector

Optimize your collateral valuation process while reducing costs with a leading AVM cascade.

Self-Employed Verification

Access employment and income for self-employed applicants leveraging researched verification.

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