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Risk management in a dynamic economy requires a more in-depth view of your customers' credit health. For truly informed decision making, a comprehensive picture of credit worthiness with timely assessments of liabilities, behaviors and trends is required. Taking advantage of the latest data, analytic and technology solutions to effectively reduce risk offers benefits to institutions of any size.

It's common knowledge that engaged customers are more satisfied and profitable customers. Beyond risk management, Equifax can also help deepen your engagement with customers—both consumers and businesses—and expand those relationships by giving you a continuous, big-picture view of their evolving financial capacity across the customer lifecycle.

Unlike other sources that simply return data, we give you fresh, relevant insights about your customers to help strengthen your upsell and cross-sell efforts. For instance, we can pinpoint your consumer customers who are also potential small business owners with our advanced data linking technology. You can also make special or exclusive offers to key customers based on share of wallet, propensity to purchase and lifetime value measures via detailed marketing analytics. 

At all stages of the account lifecycle, you'll better understand upcoming opportunities and potential risks with access to smart account monitoring tools that alert you to key changes, efficient customer data management solutions that help you maintain clean and current customer databases, and predictive scores that highlight the potential for bankruptcy, payment delinquency and more.

What's more, you can maximize productivity while further enhancing your service levels with our advanced technology solutions that help streamline and automate business processes to ensure all teams interacting with and supporting your customers are working from the most current, comprehensive and relevant customer data.


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