Manage customer value

Make the most of your existing customers.

Maximising profitability from your existing customers is a significant lever tp business growth.By managing your customers appropriately, you can create customer loyalty and long-term profitable relationships.

Why choose Equifax?

Equifax can provide you with a Single Customer Insight. Identify when separate records should be attributed to one individual, and quickly build up a detailed picture of your business's relationship with that customer.

We can also help you:


  • Understand your customers' performance so you can decide on the appropriate way to treat them
  • Segment your customer base using a wide selection of personal attributes, so you can target your up-sell, cross-sell, risk management and collections strategies more accurately
  • Build up a valuable, in-depth view of the risks and opportunities for your business – whether at an  individual level or across your whole customer base
  • Monitor individuals and businesses for changes, gradual or sudden, that affect their value as customers – such as credit limit changes, CCJs and trends in their financial health.
  • Target sub-segments of your customer base using portfolio-level insights
  • Benchmark your performance against industry data, so you can better understand your market position and identify areas of improvement and opportunity.


Access Equifax customer value management tools online, send us your portfolio to analyse and return, or integrate a solution with your own system via secure data feed. We can work with you to create your own reporting suite and tailored analysis at business, portfolio and individual level.

If we don't yet offer a tool that's right for your business, call our consultants. They'll work with you to define your unique customer management needs and develop a bespoke solution.

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