Retain Customers

Ensure the loyalty of your existing customers by anticipating their needs.

Whatever industry you're in, you needn't see customer churn as a necessary evil. To hold on to your customers, you need to understand when and why they're most likely to switch, spot when the moment's approaching, and make the right offer.

Why choose Equifax?

Equifax can provide you with a Single Customer Insight. Identify when separate records should be attributed to one individual, so you can spot when any of a customer's agreements with your business are about to expire – and make appropriate contact to keep them on board.

We can also help you:

  • Monitor key life events, decisions and behavioural trends to gauge when customers might be thinking about leaving
  • Segment your customer base according to lifetime value, and design different strategies for each segment
  • Add value for customers with personalised services based on their credit score and financial circumstances, to give them even more reasons to stay with your business.


Our consultants and analysts will develop, deliver and deploy a programme tailored to your business.

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