Behavioural Modelling

Understanding how your customers are likely to act – and react – is invaluable for planning ahead in your business.

Between your customer records and Equifax's in-depth data intelligence, you have the most complete possible record of your customers' past behaviour – and past behaviour is a strong predictor of future behaviour.

Why choose Equifax?

We can help you:

  • Accurately analyse the profitability, purchasing profile, buying behaviour and other predictive characteristics of your existing customers and target marketplace – applying our proprietary scores to your records, supplemented where necessary with our in-depth data
  • Determine how best to apply your findings to your marketing, lending, collections and other business strategies, to support your corporate objectives.

Not only can we predict your customers' future behaviour; we can alert you when their behaviour changes significantly, whether for better or worse.


If we don't yet offer a tool that's right for your business, our consultancy team can devise, build and deploy analytical solutions tailored to your business.

You can send us your customer records to analyse and return, or integrate a solution with your own system via secure data feed.

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