InterConnect ScoreCard Manager

Faster access to the advantage of custom predictive models

Product Overview

Expedite predictive model deployment  

InterConnect ScoreCard Manager accelerates the development and deployment of custom predictive models across multiple data sources to support risk decisioning.   Stay ahead of dynamic market conditions by reducing the time it takes to implement new custom models.   ScoreCard Manager supports extensive model testing and validation before live production and gives you the ability to deploy new models directly to your InterConnect decisioning system.  

Advance risk decisioning with the agility to quickly build custom predictive models:

  • Respond to evolving market conditions
  • Streamline deployment of custom risk models
  • Simplify management of predictive models
  • Fortify risk assessment


ScoreCard Manager can deploy simple or complex nested scorecards and works with a GUI interface for intuitive and flexible scorecard management.  Increase decisioning efficiency by eliminating implementation delays and save costs by deploying your model across multiple data sources from a single system.  ScoreCard Manager also seamlessly leverages InterConnect's Attribute Navigator to easily incorporate your own custom attributes.  

Put your predictive models to work faster and stay ahead of market dynamics with InterConnect ScoreCard Manager.  

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