InterConnect Rules Editor

Manage decisioning rules at market speed

Product Overview

Maintain Maximum Control Over Mission Critical Business Decisions

InterConnect Rules Editor offers you maximum control over creation and editing of business rules and management of your decisioning processes.  Using the web-based Rules Editor, business users can create new business rules and strategies for how applications are processed through the InterConnect decisioning solutions.  Once you're done with your rule set, you can seamlessly upload the new or modified rules into production. 

InterConnect Rules Editor helps your business by creating an easy route to:        

  • Deploy new market strategies without the need for programming support
  • Respond quickly to market conditions, seasonal changes and competitive pressures
  • Fine tune your business strategies
  • Reduce costs through centralization of business rules processes


With an easy-to-use web interface, InterConnect Rules Editor puts you in control of the change process and helps minimize delays in updating  decisioning rules.  Improve speed to market and stay ahead of trends and changes.  Well-defined permission rights and dual control features ensure adherence to critical business-specific processes and comprehensive audit functionality adds an additional layer of protection.  InterConnect Rules Editor features tools to test rules, control versioning and schedule changes for production. 

Easily modify decisioning rules to fit your business objectives with InterConnect Rules Editor.    


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