InterConnect Insight Gateway

The route to real-time risk decision insight

Product Overview

Expand customer insight with differentiated data

InterConnect Insight Gateway delivers real-time risk decisioning insight by creating a single interface to multiple consumer and commercial data sources.  Access an expanded customer view through a common channel designed to eliminate the IT complexity of managing disparate data sets and analytics.  InterConnect Insight Gateway can also calculate attributes and scorecards for the data to provide even more efficient business decisioning intelligence. 

With streamlined access to current and differentiated data, InterConnect Insight Gateway can help your business:

  • Strengthen decisioning
  • Expand your view of consumer and commercial entities
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce integration costs and increase profitability
  • Enhance the performance of existing decisioning systems


InterConnect Insight Gateway provides the flexibility to leverage current data and analytics across your decisioning processes without IT implementation costs and delays. Automate data normalization and speed up processing time to support well-informed strategies and quickly react to evolving market conditions.  Simplify data access while building deeper insights on new and existing customers with tri-bureau attributes and custom analytics.   

Build stronger decisions backed by real-time integration to third party data and analytics delivered in one simplified channel with InterConnect Insight Gateway.          


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