InterConnect for Account Acquisition

Automate acquisition decisions and accelerate account workflow

Product Overview

Make confident account acquisition decisions with the right offers

InterConnect Account Acquisition offers a highly scalable, flexible and robust decisioning and application processing system to automate account acquisition and cross selling process. It provides access to a broad set of Equifax and external data assets, integrates with your own data, and uses it with application data for attribute calculation, predictive analytics, business rules and work flow management. You can use standard features or customize it to fit your business objectives. You can integrate the InterConnect Account Acquisition solution to your existing systems or use the user interface module as an independent system based on your business need.

Leverage the power of data, analytics and technology to help your business:

  • Open more new accounts
  • Minimize new account risk and fraud
  • Help maintain compliance with changing regulations
  • Capture greater share of wallet with relevant and accurate cross-sell offers
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions


InterConnect Account Acquisition helps you understand the performance of your business strategy and identify areas to optimize the acquisition process with concise reporting. 

InterConnect Account Acquisition provides seamless integration to suite of integrated decisioning tools to enable a business user to create and manage decisioning strategy, without the need for programming support. Take complete control on your business strategy management using the following tools:

  • InterConnect Attribute Navigator
  • InterConnect Rules Editor
  • InterConnect Model Integration Tool


Capture the advantage of more confident acquisition and marketing decisions with InterConnect Account Acquisition.          


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