InterConnect Action Advisor

Refine marketing offers with the next best action

Product Overview

Optimize your offer strategy

InterConnect Action Advisor recommends the next best real-time action during every customer interaction by utilizing purchase propensity models, behavioral attributes and event triggers to identify the offer a consumer is most likely to accept.  InterConnect Action Advisor takes customer interactions to a deeper, more personalized level by delivering rank-ordered propensity insight to help identify the right time to deliver the right offer. 

Refine customer relationships and help your business:      

  • Increase profitability
  • Build higher customer loyalty and retention
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Improve acceptance rates


InterConnect Action Advisor leverages advanced modeling, offer optimization and event triggers to strengthen consumer insight across the lifecycle of the account.  Understand your customer from a holistic perspective to improve offer strategies and increase lift.  Leverage purchase propensity models for each product in your portfolio and get rank ordered insight on which consumer is most likely to accept specific offers.  Track consumer behavior over the lifecycle of the account to continuously refine marketing messages and take the next best action at every interaction interval.   InterConnect Action Advisor easily integrates within the InterConnect platform or with other CRM software to deliver an even higher level of account decisioning support.

Improve customer loyalty, increase activation rates and realize greater profitability with targeted consumer perspective from InterConnect Action Advisor.

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