Equifax Insurance Insights

Superior consumer intelligence for your competitive advantage

Equifax Insurance Insights delivers insight into the behaviour of your customers, helping you identify, attract and retain the highest lifetime value customers. The quality of our data means you can make more informed decisions and improve your operating ratios.

Equifax Insurance Insights can be used at any stage of the customer journey. Our flexible solution also allows you to combine credit and claims insights in one search.

Claim Insights

This provides access to a consumer's claims history from a database of 36 million claims.

The CUE data is also enhanced with linked address and alias matching information, increasing the accuracy of search results to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in settling claims.

It also removes any reliance on customer self-declaration.

Credit Insights

This provides real-time access to more than 3,500 credit and identity data characteristics.

The granularity of data enables you to build a more accurate profile of your customer, from validating their ID to seeing any linked addresses or aliases.

Also available are Equifax Insight ID characteristics: a proven predictor of claims, particularly fraudulent claims.

Credit Insights Offline

Delivering a view of the UK population, Credit Insights Offline is available with up to 800 individual and postcode-level characteristics. It is delivered as a batch data file to be held in-house.

Fully refreshed and supplied each month, it provides the most up-to-date source of consumer information in the market. This integrated offline file offers rapid response times and the ability for you to control the availability of data and potential cost savings.

You can create a competitive advantage by improving pricing models to enable more accurate premium setting, decreasing the cost of fraud, and attracting and retaining the optimal customer mix.

Our experts

Our consultants and analytics experts will deliver a range of services from workshops to bespoke model creation. This means you receive a flexible solution built around your business needs.

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