Transform Mobile Experiences

These days so many consumers rely on their mobile devices to apply for services, manage accounts and purchase products, yet there is still room for improvement as it relates to the consumer experience. 

When it comes to completing required forms and information, consumers are often deterred by “friction” - having to manually key-in so much data on a small device. This can lead to transaction abandonment, which in turn can lead to revenue losses and the opportunity to gather valuable consumer insights.

Authenticated Consumer Identities

InstaTouch ID, a consumer identity and authentication service powered by MobileConnect from Equifax, is helping change the mobile commerce game from the point of acquisition. Enabled by our best-of-breed data and technology, this configurable service works seamlessly “behind the scenes” to help businesses more confidently mitigate risk, better optimize the consumer experience and help generate higher returns from their mobile channel.  


Benefits of a More Frictionless Mobile Experience

Better Consumer Experience and Reduced Abandonment

Auto-filled authenticated personal data into forms helps simplify the generally tedious process of having to enter multitudes of information on a mobile device screen.

Improved Consumer Data and Insights

Authenticated consumer identity information, coupled with Equifax data, helps give businesses the deep insights they need to enhance the consumer experience, streamline acquisition workflows and help optimize supplemental offers.

Reduced Potential Fraud

Automatically identified and authenticated consumer identities at the point of acquisition, helps mitigate risk and identify potential fraudulent requests.