Contact Plus

An integrated customer contact solution that brings together data from both Equifax and Cornerstone, manager of the Info-direct™ database, to improve your telemarketing, returned mail, and skip-tracing results.

Key Features

  • Combines Equifax's 20 million record consumer database with Cornerstone's Info-direct™ database (white and yellow pages) of approximately eleven million records
  • Verifies customer name and address, and appends date of birth, employment details, aliases, inquiry activity, and scores
  • Automatically uploads data for your predictive dialer programs

How It Works

CONTACT Plus leverages Equifax's CONTACT and ID Capture systems to verify key customer identifying information, including name, address (up to three, including the most current), date of birth, employment details, and "also known as" (AKA) details, along with timely inquiry activity. Furthermore, a score of your choice can be provided to help you prioritize your collection efforts and resources. CONTACT Plus also returns results via Info-direct's informational database to both confirm and append new address or phone number information where applicable.


By using CONTACT Plus, you will:

  • Easily verify and update your contact information for your existing client base with the most up-to-date address and telephone information available
  • Improve your returned mail, skip-tracing, and collection results, eliminating the resources required to look up addresses for returned mail.
  • Save time and money by automatically uploading our data for your predictive dialer programs, which will allow your call centre to operate in a highly efficient manner


Simply provide us with your customer portfolio. We will verify the information against our database and provide updates accordingly.