A fast, economical and easy way to keep your customer address information up-to-date

Key Features

  • Ensures accurate address information before mailing
  • Minimizes redundant mailing expenses
  • Reduces printing, paper and labour costs by minimizing misdirected materials
  • Redirects staff resources from time-consuming address searches to more useful activities

How It Works

CONTACT is an address-verification and updating system for re-establishing customer contact, redirecting returned mail, updating internal records or reactivating dormant accounts. Daily updated address information is received by Equifax from a variety of sources, including customer online inquiries and tape sources, as well as consumers themselves.


Our comprehensive database of more than 24 million records provides current information on consumers, including payment history, trade transactions, public record and courthouse information, and inquiries made by other credit-granting organizations with legitimate business interests. All you have to do is provide us with all or part of your client portfolio, and we will verify the names and addresses by comparing them to our consumer credit database.