Prioritise those individuals most likely to convert

Make the most of your marketing budget: screen your list of prospective customers before running your acquisition campaigns, so you can focus your efforts and spend on those with the best possible chance of responding favourably.

Recruiting new customers is the first step of the customer journey, so the initial experience is a key to long term brand loyalty and retention. By removing individuals who would be ineligible before marketing credit offers to them, you can avoid rejecting customers and damaging your brand while ensuring maximum approval rates.

Response rates are an important metric for marketing professionals looking to acquire new customers. However, conversion is key, delivering return on contact investment.

Why choose Equifax?

By tapping our wealth of consumer credit and bureau datasets, we can help you:

  • Remove individuals from acquisition campaigns who would fail your credit application process.
  • Save money on wasted application processing costs.
  • Target the right credit segment of the UK (Prime/Near Prime/Sub Prime)
  • Target the right individuals within your target credit segment.
  • Help improve; customer experience, brand loyalty and retention in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Equifax's scores, variables, and response models are based on the comprehensive range of predictive characteristics found in our extensive consumer data. Aligning our credit pre-screening suppressions with your policy rules so as not to over suppress ensures maximum campaign ROI.


At Equifax we will work with you to identify your unique prospect marketing and pre-screening needs. We then develop a bespoke solution specifically tailored to your business.

"Equifax has given me a much deeper understanding of our target audience. One that lets me determine the right message, predict the right moment and execute a strategy based on facts, not intuiton".

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