Equifax Dimensions

Target the ideal customer with expanded consumer credit insight

Product Overview

Grow Your Portfolio with New Consumer Credit Perspectives

Are you using the power of trended consumer credit data to effectively segment and target consumers? Equifax Dimensions™ creates a deeper, extended tradeline view of consumer credit behavior to support stronger decisions and more precise targeting across the account lifecycle. With the historical perspective of up to 24 months of tradeline information on over 1.3 billion trades, Equifax Dimensions delivers more than 500 attributes to help your business:

  • Strengthen targeting strategies and decisioning
  • Develop more precise offers at the point of sale and beyond
  • Differentiate consumers by credit behaviors
  • Understand consumer spending trajectories
  • Maintain acceptable risk thresholds


Equifax gives you the level of data reliability, currency and depth synonymous with our market leadership. Equifax Dimensions provides perspective into a wider scope of consumer financial patterns to expand and maximize your portfolio by fueling better business performance across the account lifecycle: from acquisition and onboarding, to account management and through to collection and recovery.

Proven Lift

Equifax Dimensions shows you past behavior trends to help you better predict future credit behaviors.  Using 24 months of a consumer's past balance, payment and credit utilization history, customers have seen actionable results such as:

  • 18% incremental lift when identifying consumers more likely to respond to an offer
  • 29% incremental lift when identifying consumers that are likely to default


Plus, this solution offers the flexibility to meet specific business needs by offering intuitive, easy-to-use predictive attribute bundles, including:

  • Open  
  • Spend  
  • Line Increase
  • Balance Transfer
  • Tipping Point
  • Risk
  • Capacity
  • Active


Make the most important decisions on your portfolio's future with a superior propensity and probability solution – Equifax Dimensions.


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