Expand Your Reach

Enhanced Marketing Lists can help marketers better reach the right audience for offers as well as expand their reach with fresh lists or by adding supplemental data. Marketers can append new variables to a CRM database for improved treatment groups for campaigns and to make more relevant offers to new prospects with deeper insight. 

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Consumer Marketing List Services

By partnering with leading providers of consumer marketing lists, Equifax helps you better reach your optimal prospects as well as to augment your company’s existing customer database, allowing you to get your campaigns in market more effectively.

By combining Equifax’s household-level financial data with additional targeting criteria and enhanced contact information, marketers can better target and reach their desired customers and prospects with relevant messages about their products and services.

Email Services

With our email services, companies can better engage with key audiences and deliver relevant and personalized messages to prospects and customers.

We help address our clients’ most common email needs, including:

  • Prospect List Generation: Generate email prospect lists for email-based acquisition and ITA campaigns
  • Reach Audiences via Email: Append email addresses to campaign lists to extend reach via email
  • Cross-sell via Email to Current Customers: Append emails to customer or prospect mail lists for next best product/service, cross-sell and loyalty campaigns 

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