Employment Benchmarks

Reliable hiring, pay and turnover benchmarks from the most trusted source of employment data, powered by eThority®

Product Overview

To remain competitive in today's economy, your organization must look outside of its own walls and see how you stack up to others in your industry or region.

Our Employment Benchmarks are relevant, timely, and actionable:

  • Based on real payroll and unemployment claim data provided to Equifax by employers
  • Metrics not available in other industry survey data sources
  • Granular metrics around hiring, employment, pay, and turnover
  • Can be segmented by industry, geography, date, and/or employee type
  • Updated monthly, not yearly, with 60+ months of history


What's included?

The benchmarks include detailed metrics around hiring, employment, labor costs, payroll composition, turnover, fast turnover, turnover cause and retention.

How does it work?

Your data is loaded into our analytics platform which seamlessly connects your organization's information to the benchmarks. Now you're able to drill-down, analyze and interact with your workforce data and see how you compare to industry or geographical trends.

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