eID for AML

A real time, identity verification and knowledge based authentication solution for businesses performing transactions online or over the phone.

Key Features

  • eIDcompare allows our customers to verify clients against trusted identifying records to conform to AML identification requirements.
  • eIDverifier upgrades the experience by confirming you are dealing with the right person using knowledge-based questioning to prevent identity fraud. o Using knowledge based questioning you also are able to confirm you are not dealing with an identity thief.
  • Validates online identities quickly and easily using information only a specific individual would know.
  • Saves on the cost of a manual verification process while increasing the reliability of results.
  • Mitigate the risks associated with unknown customers in a faceless environment.
  • Reduce identity fraud and unauthorized online access.
  • Respond to the latest know your client and anti-money laundering legislative requirements for new account opening and re-verification purposes.
  • Age verification and credit card number validation capabilities.
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing systems and processes.
  • Operator user interface available for call centre applications.

How it Works

Equifax's Identity Management solutions empower businesses with the ability to help tackle the threats presented by money launderers and terrorist financers.

Equifax's eIDcompare, a real time, identity verification solution that compares and analyzes applicant information against Equifax's industry leading data sources. eIDcompare produces an identity assessment recommendation supported by warning indicators and reason codes. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) specific reason codes are built into eIDcompare, creating a robust identity verification solution, while meeting AML regulatory compliance requirements.

EID Compare

Upgrade your experience with Equifax's eIDverifier. eIDverifier is a real time, identity verification and authentication solution for businesses performing transactions online. eIDverifier uses ‘shared secret' information, known only by Equifax and the consumer, to offer online identity authentication you can rely on. In two simple steps, eIDverifier determines that a clean identity exists and that the person claiming the identity is genuine.

You're protected – and your customers have a quick, painless application process.

EID Compare