Equifax eConnect Append

Email marketing can be a highly effective communications channel. Equifax eConnect Append is a unique product that appends emails to your customer portfolio, whilst ensuring appropriate permissions are in place before you email.

Key Features

  • Only pay for email addresses you can actually use
  • Navigate email permissions in two steps
  • Safeguard your brand reputation

Only pay for email addresses you can actually use

Equifax eConnect Append provides access to over 15 million email addresses screened through our double permission pass process. If a consumer opts out of receiving any further email marketing, their email details are excluded from the append process and no charge is made to you.

Navigate email permissions in two steps

What makes Equifax eConnect Append unique is the customers’ permission for their mailbox to be used for customer management and email marketing purposes. Customers are given two opportunities and up to fourteen days to opt out of further communication. So you can feel confident about contacting those who remain opted in.

Safeguard your brand reputation

Studies show that 84 per cent of consumers expect brands they trust to treat their personal details responsibly. Equifax eConnect Append helps your email marketing meet customer expectations – a process that strengthens your brand.