Discretionary Spending Dollars

Improve targeting and marketing models with an estimate of households' discretionary spending

Product Overview

Discretionary Spending Dollars (DS$) is a continuous household-based dollar value estimate of discretionary spending uncapped up to $1.2M. Based on a foundation of anonymous, direct-measured assets, DS$ represents a modeled dollar amount of what a household likely spends on discretionary items after accounting for the fixed expenses of life.

DS$ can be used alone or incorporated into models where consumer spending is a factor. It is best used to identify consumers with the estimated spending levels to afford various products and services and can be used in both offline and online applications.

Key Benefits

  • Identifies consumers that are likely to have the discretionary spending levels to afford your products and services
  • Adds an estimate of spending to models to gain a more robust picture than an income measure alone can provide
  • Includes summary factors produced from IXI Services' proprietary database of consumer investable assets
  • Available for use in online targeting
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications across the customer lifecycle


Applying Discretionary Spending Dollars to Your Business

  • Capture discretionary spending to grow your business efficiently
  • Identify which of your current customers likely have the greatest capability to spend incrementally on your products and services
  • Find and market to more prospective consumers that match the spending profiles of your best current customers
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