Decision Management

Refine acquisition strategies with automated decisioning intelligence

Informed decisioning support

Leverage differentiated data sources across risk decisioning and marketing processes with the powerful combination of the most current and relevant consumer and commercial data, rules-based analytics and decisioning technology. Streamline account management, strengthen risk decisioning and respond to changing market conditions with Equifax.

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InterConnect Insight Gateway

InterConnect Insight Gateway delivers real-time risk decisioning insight by creating a single interface to multiple consumer and commercial data sets. Access an expanded customer view through a common channel designed to eliminate the IT complexity of managing disparate data sets and analytics. InterConnect Insight Gateway can also calculate attributes and scorecards for the data to provide even more efficient business decisioning intelligence. Build stronger decisions backed by real-time integration to third party data and analytics delivered in one simplified channel with InterConnect Insight Gateway.

InterConnect Attribute Navigator

InterConnect Attribute Navigator is a web-based tool that expedites the creation and deployment of attributes to help your business fully leverage differentiated data sources across your risk decisioning and marketing processes. Designed to integrate with a variety of data sources and decisioning systems, Attribute Navigator speeds the development, testing and execution of attribute rules to strengthen risk assessments, refine strategies and increase overall performance. Attribute Navigator helps your business take advantage of new and differentiated data sources to calculate an expanded consumer viewpoint, build more consistent credit decisions and drive stronger revenue generation throughout the customer lifecycle.

InterConnect Rules Editor

InterConnect Rules Editor enables you to manage, control and apply rules within the InterConnect business decisioning engine. InterConnect Rules Editor delivers the flexibility to adjust decisioning rules to quickly respond to changing market conditions and strengthen business decisions across the account lifecycle. Easily modify decisioning rules to fit your business objectives with InterConnect Rules Editor.

Customer Data Integration

Customer Data Integration (CDI) is a data integration solution that centralizes and links consumer and commercial data sources to support the delivery of customer insight across enterprise-wide decisioning and analytic systems. CDI combines robust keying and linking capabilities, extensive back-end functionality, data warehousing and advanced matching techniques to help your business capture the value of Big Data and make this intelligence available within front-line processes. Fully leverage a holistic view of your customers and employ deeper comprehensive insight across key systems. Turn complex data connections into unmatched competitive advantage with Customer Data Integration soutions from Equifax.