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Our customer targeting and scoring products enable financial services firms and consumer marketers to more efficiently manage their marketing decisions and maximize sales opportunities by identifying those customers and prospects that are most likely to offer a profitable business relationship.

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WealthComplete provides estimates of total assets at the household level, based on the approximately $27 trillion of liquid financial assets held by all US households. It is available exclusively for use by IXI Network Member Firms.


WealthComplete is best used for share of wallet opportunity analysis, asset allocation analysis and targeting potential prospects in both offline and online applications.

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Investyles provides a picture of direct-measured financial assets and specific investment tendencies for US households and is available exclusively to IXI Network Member Firms.


Investyles is best used for identification of specific investment behaviors and as an input to in-house models.

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Income360 is a continuous household-based dollar estimate of income uncapped up to $2 million based on both income from wages and income generated from investments.


Income360 provides marketers and analysts with a more complete estimate of household income to improve performance for both direct marketing and online targeting campaigns.

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Discretionary Spending Index (DSI)

Discretionary Spending Index (DSI) is a continuous household-based score of 1 to 1000 that ranks households by likely spending capacity and spending behaviors. It enables marketers to rank customers and prospects by estimated spending power.


DSI can be used alone or incorporated into models where consumer spending is a factor. Marketers can use DSI to enhance account management, identify cross-sell opportunities and provide appropriate offers.

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Discretionary Spending Dollars (DS$)

Discretionary Spending Dollars (DS$) is a continuous household-based dollar value estimate of discretionary spending uncapped up to $1.2 million. Based on a foundation of anonymous, direct-measured assets, DS$ represents a modeled dollar amount of what a household likely spends on discretionary items after accounting for the fixed expenses of life.


DS$ can be used alone or incorporated into models where consumer spending is a factor. It is best used to identify consumers with the estimated spending levels to afford various products and services and can be used in both offline and online applications.

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CreditStyles Pro

CreditStyles Pro offers a suite of measures based on aggregated credit data that enables marketers and analysts to differentiate households based on their likely credit availability, needs, and usage.


CreditStyles Pro is best used for customer and prospect analysis to identify target segments based on consumers' expected credit behaviors. It enables marketers and analysts to gain insight on all types of credit usage including bank cards, retail cards, consumer finance and various mortgage type loans.

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Aggregated FICO Scores

Aggregated FICO® Scores offers firms an aggregated, micro-neighborhooded form of the FICO® Score to enhance marketing applications. This enables credit grantors, insurance companies, and other firms to utilize an aggregated version of the industry accepted credit risk assessment measure for non-FCRA marketing purposes.


Based on the most widely used and accepted risk score in the marketplace, Aggregated FICO® Scores can be used by credit grantors, insurance companies, and other firms for marketing campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle, including to enhance prospecting, segmentation, campaign planning, targeting and offer development.

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Connected Value Index

Connected Value Index offers communications service providers a robust economic measure that helps measure consumers' potential telecommunications spending and payment capacity and identify which customers are more likely to have the capacity to become tomorrow's most profitable subscribers. It is designed to help providers find and retain profitable subscribers, reduce churn and effectively manage long term subscriber relationships.


Applied as a household level score of 1 - 1000, Connected Value Index enables differentiation of subscribers and prospects by their estimated capacity to spend and pay for communications products and services. Unlike other more generic economic measures, it is built specifically to serve the unique needs of communications service providers.

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Comp360 predicts total wage income including income from part-time employment. It is a continuous dollar estimate of total wage income up to $1 million.


Comp360 is not an FCRA-regulated tool and is designed for use by marketers and analysts at financial services and other firms to identify appropriate target audiences for marketing applications.

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Small Business Assets

Small Business Assets enables firms to better identify which small businesses to target for their marketing campaigns. With Small Business Assets, firms can use asset estimates to find small businesses that are the right fit for offers, tailor cross-sell/upsell efforts, improve prospecting, communicate with home-based small businesses and enhance model performance.


Firms can use Small Business Assets to improve their marketing efforts to the millions of small businesses scattered across the country. It is available exclusively for use by IXI Network Member Firms.

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