Customer Relationship Management for Communications

Mitigate churn and maximize profitability

Identify trends, reduce churn

To grow profitably you need a 360-degree view of your customers—what they need and what they value. Our data-driven insights give you a comprehensive understanding of your customers' behaviors and credit activities. Use these solutions to keep your best customers and understand the total value of your customer portfolio.

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Use differentiated data sources to gain an expanded consumer viewpoint

Attribute Navigator™ is a web-based tool that expedites the creation and deployment of attributes to help your business fully leverage differentiated data sources across your risk decisioning and marketing processes. Designed to integrate with a variety of data sources and decisioning systems, Attribute Navigator speeds the development, testing and execution of attribute rules to strengthen risk assessments, refine customer segmentation and increase overall performance. Attribute Navigator helps your business take advantage of new and differentiated data sources to calculate an expanded consumer viewpoint, build more consistent credit decisions and drive stronger revenue generation throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Manage risk throughout the customer lifecycle with custom predictive models

InterConnect ScoreCard Manager accelerates the deployment of custom predictive models across multiple data sources to support risk decisioning. Stay ahead of dynamic market conditions by reducing the time it takes to execute custom model implementation. ScoreCard Manager supports extensive model testing and validation before live production and gives you the ability to deploy new models within a single system. Get advanced risk decisioning with the agility to quickly leverage customer predictive models.

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Streamline the delivery of decisioning insights

Customer Data Integration (CDI) is a data integration solution that centralizes and links consumer and commercial data sources to support the delivery of customer insight across enterprise-wide decisioning and analytic systems. CDI combines robust keying and linking capabilities, extensive back-end functionality, data warehousing and advanced matching techniques to help your business capture the value of Big Data and make this intelligence available to the front-line.

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Automate account management

InterConnect for Account Management automates account decisions to increase lines of service by combining a broad set of consumer and commercial data with rules-based analytics to streamline risk decisioning. InterConnect for Account Management supports fast, consistent real-time account decisions by helping you understand your customer and your portfolio from a consolidated perspective. Access the most current and relevant consumer and commercial data, analytics and technology to centralize and customize integral decisioning processes across the account lifecycle.

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Gain a comprehensive view of key performance metrics

InterConnect Advanced Reporter helps you gain a clear understanding of key performance metrics and business intelligence by delivering intuitive, comprehensive reports. Quickly identify emerging trends or spot areas of potential risk with the decisioning support of graphically rich reports that deliver deeper insight into credit risk, operational activity and security management. With InterConnect Advanced Reporter you can utilize pre-configured standard reports or build your own custom reports to gain fast access to detailed metrics that help your business to odentify new opportunities.

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Effectively segment and target your customers to grow share of wallet

Equifax Dimensions™ creates a deeper view of consumer credit behavior to support stronger decisions and more precise targeting across the account lifecycle. With the historical perspective of up to 24 months of tradeline information on over 1.3 billion trades, Equifax Dimensions  delivers more than 500 attributes to help your business develop more precise offers at the point of sale and beyond.

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Leverage propensity models to optimize offer startegies

InterConnect Action Advisor recommends the next best real-time action during every customer interaction by utilizing purchase propensity models, behavioral attributes and event triggers to identify the offer a consumer is most likely to accept. InterConnect Action Advisor takes customer interactions to a deeper, more personalized level by delivering rank-ordered propensity insight to help identify the right time to deliver the right offer. Understand your customer from a holistic perspective to help your business reduce churn and build loyalty.

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More accurately link and identify customer information

Using state of the art technology, the Equifax data linking solution, Connexus, helps you to accurately identify and link customer information regardless of address changes, name changes, or name variations. This creates a complete, single view of the customer, even across multiple disconnected data sources.

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