Our flagship tri-merge credit report, providing current, reliable consumer credit data

Product Overview

Understanding a borrower's credit capacity, character and collateral issues is key to making sound risk decisions in today's economy. Credit*Hi-Lite™, our flagship tri-merge credit report, provides current, reliable consumer credit data from all three major credit reporting agencies.

Edited Credit*Hi-Lite helps you dispute incorrect credit report information. This service can be ordered after Credit*Hi-Lite as a supplemental report. It can be used to update trade lines or public record information, develop landlord references or add a credit reference that has not yet been reported to the credit reporting agencies.

The value to your business:

  • Reduce application fraud and improve skip-tracing efforts
  • Reduce credit risk
  • Streamline your application and adverse action process
    • Easy-to-read format
    • Fast, easy ordering
    • Key credit information available at a glance
    • Regulatory compliance tools included


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