Corporate Data Breach Assistance

An Equifax support solution specifically designed to address the impact of a breach and to help you recover when your data is compromised.

Key Features:

  • Rapid response in event of a data breach, whether accidental or intentional
  • Minimizes impact on customer and stakeholder confidence, brand value, customer attrition

How It Works

No matter how stringent your preventative measures are, your organization isn't immune to a data breach—whether accidental or intentional. Corporate Data Breach Assistance helps to minimize the impact of a data breach, including erosion of customer and stakeholder confidence, brand decay, customer attrition, diminishing shareholder value, organizational distraction and disruption, and increased write-offs.


From the moment we take your call following a data breach, we quickly implement your choice of two solutions:


  1. Credit File Notation – provides a notation on the affected consumer file.
  2. Identification, Credit Monitoring and Email Alerts – a more comprehensive solution.


We will also work closely with you by handling the breach recovery process from beginning to end, and can also manage your breach solution over the long term.