Compliance Data Centre (CDC)

Helps you make sound business decisions by ensuring you "Know Your Customer" and comply with AML legislation.

Key Features:

  • The most advanced application fraud prevention and management tool of its kind in Canada
  • Detects fraudulent applications with ease, accuracy and reliability
  • Seamlessly bridges fraud investigation and account opening teams

How It Works

Compliance Data Centre (CDC) maintains a comprehensive database that includes multiple sources of information, such as various government and agency lists worldwide, as well as global media reports of white-collar criminal and terrorist-related activities. In addition to aggregating and leveraging numerous publicly available information sources, CDC actively manages financial default information gathered from, and extensively used throughout, the investment industry.
CDC can help you:

  • Facilitate timely compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, avoiding costly fines, criminal sanctions, and other penalties
  • Reduce financial risk, exposure and costs via automated and streamlined compliance efforts
  • Improve productivity and allocate resources more efficiently by:
    • Eliminating lengthy, manual searches of multiple  databases
    • Facilitating due diligence efforts through Compliance Analysts conducting False Positive Review
    • Implementing solutions tailored to your specific industry.

Compliance Data Center