Quickly establish the age and address of your web-based consumers for prompt approval of online orders and transactions.

Key Features:

  • Improves customer service for your web-based consumers
  • Returns real-time answers at the point of customer need
  • Requires no Equifax IT intervention
  • Works for any number of customers who use your website

How It Works

When doing business on the Internet, verifying age and residence is critical. That's why Equifax created AgePoint. AgePoint verifies the age and residence of your prospective and existing customers before allowing access to your services. It helps improve your customer service for web-based consumers by quickly establishing age and by enabling the approval of orders and transactions.


AgePoint works by locating credit files using the customer's input information and compares the date of birth entered to the date of birth on the credit file. AgePoint returns real-time answers at the point of customer need, requires no Equifax IT intervention, and works for any number of customers who use your website.

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