Single Item Report

When you need information on a commercial customer or prospect updated or verified, we will contact one of the following: a trade reference, a bank reference, or a principal of the subject business.

Key Features:

  • Uncovers information that will give you a sense of confidence in making commercial credit decisions
  • Ideal for new and service-type businesses that have few suppliers

How It Works

Equifax Investigative Reporting Services are "extra" tools to help you in your risk management strategy. Normally, most requests for a Canadian commercial credit report can be fulfilled with information from the vast Equifax database. However, sometimes you want additional or specific information on a business. New and service-type businesses that have few suppliers often require special effort to get a clear picture of the possible risk. That's when our specialized team of trained investigative reporters will go to work for you.


We'll verify the individual or commercial trade reference, bank reference, or other information as you request it.