ICG AdvantageTM

An innovative new technology platform that allows Equifax Industry Credit Group members to collaborate and interact more effectively within a secure and safe online environment, while exchanging information on business customers and prospects.

Key Features:

This web-based meeting platform helps Equifax Industry Groups be even more effective by providing:

  • Secure, automated online group collaboration
  • Informative group emails, Web alerts and updates
  • Collective and fortified credit risk intelligence and customer insight
  • Stronger industry group relationships
  • Improved overall business performance

How It Works

Simply put, ICG Advantage offers groups a powerful, one-stop solution that includes better technology and better data.

With fast, automated emails, alerts and centralized Web access, the platform puts relevant group information at your fingertips in an instant, eliminating the time and costs associated with slow, resource-intensive mailings and fax communications. Likewise, it provides direct access to enriched, market-leading Equifax credit risk data.

Participating group members enjoy:

  • More efficient, productive meetings

Regular group emails, Web alerts and updates keep members informed in between monthly meetings, plus 24/7 access helps members meet the challenges of a fast-paced global economy.

  • Improved credit risk intelligence

Collective group data is enriched with Equifax credit risk insights, including predictive scores that forecast payment delinquency or business failure. “Flash Notices” from group members alert others to changes that could affect the credit of key customers.

  • Deeper industry relationships and market knowledge

Online technology promotes easy, consistent communications for stronger relationships and a secure, professional forum for peer networking and discussing emerging industry trends.

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