PPSA Connect

A single, web-based portal with direct connectivity to each of the separate provincial and territorial personal property registries of Canada. This linkage allows for online lien management (registration, notification, renewal, discharges) and lien registry searches (lien searches, corporate verification, corporate registry report, secured party notices).

Key Features:

  • Near Real time registration – a registration number is returned within seconds, eliminating the need for ‘gap insurance'. 
  • Online, automated system – PPSA services are completed online, with no need to fax requests for follow-up or to carry a paper trail. Electronic records are maintained of all transactions by the user's unique reference number. Every transaction is date stamped and held in a chronological order and files can be retained or purged depending on your needs. 
  • Validation technology is incorporated into the portal that matches and accepts input data specific to what each registry will accept.  Users are notified at entry if there are any errors, helping to eliminate user input errors.  
  • Purchase money security interest filings (PMSI) – complete consumer lease and commercial equipment financing statement filing and management services.  
  • Quebec registration integration – a complete library of Quebec forms and asset classification are maintained in an automated format for full Quebec registry automation.
  • Inter-provincial lien management - advanced validation to alert secured party if debtor has moved collateral to another PPSA jurisdiction and ability to auto register in new province to maintain lien status.

How It Works

The Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) provides a comprehensive set of rules to govern the rights of creditors and debtors when personal property is used as collateral to secure the payment of a debt. Proper registration of collateral under PPSA is a critical step in the credit granting process.

‘Perfection' is the process of certifying those security interests in a personal property registry (PPR), with online registration being the most common method. Since PPSA is not federally regulated, each province and territory has its own rules, regulations and personal property registry (PPR) system. 

Equifax has partnered with AVS Systems Inc., a pioneer of automated PPSA solutions in Canada, to offer PPSA Connect.  PPSA Connect provides a single interface to the disparate Canadian registries enabling online lien management services such as registrations, notifications, renewals and discharges.  System-to-system connectivity allows for near real time response on individual submissions or batch processing. 

Equifax is a trusted provider of consumer and commercial credit risk assessment and account management solutions.  With PPSA Connect, Equifax provides a solution that bridges the adjudication and ongoing account management processes from a single solution provider.

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