A flexible, customizable and configurable decisioning solution containing a rules-based decision engine, a data engine/data hub and an application engine all-in-one solution capable of processing any type of application that requires adjudication and decisioning.

Key Features

  • Deploy only the capabilities you need to maximize return-on-investment
  • Save time by incorporating a variety of risk assessment tools and data sources into an automated decisioning process
  • Quickly adapt to market conditions and measure how new strategies would work before being deployed

How it Works

InterConnect allows you to simplify and optimize the credit qualification process, the cross sell/upsell process and the offer process individually or as a combined strategy within the consumer and small business industries. With InterConnect you can create and manage multiple products across multiple channels, quickly test and optimize alternative scenarios, and adopt new strategies. It integrates industry-wide data sources, scoring models, application flows, system and database interfaces, and active account information.

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