Equifax Business Credit Report™

The Equifax Business Credit Report™, our flag ship report, gives you the relevant data you need to assess the creditworthiness of a business while also offering more in-depth information than ever before about a business.

By providing you with access to Canada’s largest commercial risk database, Equifax empowers you to better manage your risk portfolio:

  • Our commercial database contains current and deep history of financial information on more than 2.4 million Canadian businesses with particular strength in the small and medium size business area.
  • Our proprietary, proven predictive risk scores and indices can help you to better evaluate long-term risk. 
  • We derive and compile our information only from reliable, reputable and trusted data suppliers, including Industry Credit Groups, collection agencies, corporate registration and liens databases, courts, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, banks and other lenders. 
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Key Features:

A powerful reporting tool to help simplify your decisions includes:

  • Business information such as company name, legal name, years on file, address, phone and fax.
  • Predictive Scores, Commercial Delinquency Score and Business Failure Risk Score.
  • Historical view of our proprietary risk indicators, our Credit Information and Payment Index  
  • Information on other associated businesses
  • Industry trade details including payment terms, pay habits and trends 
  • Financial trade details including information and payment habits for a small business’ credit cards, lines of credit and fixed term loans  
  • Guarantor information: Individuals or companies that are guarantors of specific financial exposures.
  • Derogatory items such as NSFs, collection claims, legal suits and more.
  • Alerts for Superintendent of Bankruptcy
  • Bank report detail
  • Corporate search
  • Liens detail
  • Number of inquiries

How It Works

Common Uses for the Equifax Business Credit Report:

  • Identification of a business to confirm its existence and legitimacy
  • Assess the risk of extending credit to a new customer
  • Monitoring existing customers to identify negative trends
  • Sourcing and qualifying a new supplier
  • Research a competitor or M&A candidate
  • Understanding your own company’s credit profile