Bank Report

An investigative report derived from a bank reference outlining a company's current loans, lines of credits and more.

Key Features:

  • Uncovers information that will give you a sense of confidence in making commercial credit decisions
  • Ideal for new and service-type businesses that have few suppliers

How It Works

Equifax Investigative Reporting Services are "extra" tools to help you in your risk management strategy. Normally, most requests for a Canadian commercial credit report can be fulfilled with information from the vast Equifax database. However, sometimes you want additional or specific information on a business. New and service-type businesses that have few suppliers often require special effort to get a clear picture of the possible risk. That's when our specialized team of trained investigative reporters will go to work for you.


We'll contact your customer's primary banking institution for a reference outlining lines of credit, loans and any other banking services currently being used.