Retention Triggers 360°

A highly customized automated notification system designed to quickly and accurately alert you when competitors within a specific industry are actively inquiring on your customers – business or business principle credit files.

Key Features

  • Delivered electronically either daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Returns notifications only on those accounts which have been inquired on by competitors within a specific industry
  • Allows for quicker opportunity to proactively take appropriate account retention steps to maximize profits

How it Works

Triggers Retention 360° provides timely alerts on your business accounts when these accounts get inquired upon by your competitors within a specific industry.   These alerts can be actioned to reduce the potential risk of losing these customers as a result of this potential competitive takeover.  Triggers Retention 360 provides credit monitoring service on both the business and the business principle credit files, delivering frequent alert files letting you who the competitor inquired on.    In addition, other business or principle credit information can be appended to the alert to help you understand customer value and prioritize auctioning these alerts.

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