Neighbourhood View

A targeted marketing solution that delivers the information you need to refine your strategies for new customer acquisition and account management.

Key Features

  • Profiles the people who live in the same geography (postal code, street level)
  • Delivers consumer profiles outlining the high, low, average and standard deviation from credit attributes you select
  • Sharpens your marketing focus and maximizes opportunities and profitability.
  • Backed by Equifax's comprehensive consumer credit database

How it Works

Built from Equifax's robust credit database, Neighbourhood View examines financial behaviours at a micro-geographic level—up to street level—and gives you average behaviour profiles for each subdivision. You receive several calculations of aggregation levels including minimum, maximum and average values, and the standard deviation for all of our attributes and scores.


Neighbourhood View works by using segments of the consumer credit file, combining various dimensions such as risk, raw trade line information and prospect value data based on utilization and industry usage profiles.

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