Credit Marketing Services

The CMS Pre-Screen Model is designed to allow companies to pre-screen a prospect list for which they do not have consent.

Key Features

  • Leverages a Waterfall Process, in addition to aggregated credit scores and decision trees
  • Allows you to pre-screen a prospect list for which you do not have consent
  • Can be used on prospects who do not fail to test for delinquency risk

How it Works

Credit Marketing Services (CMS) is a pre-screen model that consists of a Waterfall Process, specifically:

  • Ontario vs. Rest of Canada
  • Credit file found (hit or no-hit)
  • Credit file scorable
  • Public record screening
  • Safescan

Due to more stringent legislation, Ontario records use aggregated credit scores (matrix of mean and standard deviation). Records for the rest of Canada, meanwhile, use a decision tree to create nodes, which can be classified into categories by risk rank. You can use the process on prospects who pass tests for delinquency risk.

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