B2B Marketing Lists

Customized marketing lists that are appended with business credit information so you can target prospective businesses most likely to meet your marketing and financial goals.

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Key Features

  • Increase ROI of your marketing campaigns with greater coverage and quality
  • Identify and reach targeted prospects that match your qualification criteria
  • Cross-sell and up-sell within your existing customer base
  • Align sales and service priorities with customer value to increase your customer's satisfaction
  • Maintain fresh customer data and enrich with additional valuable attributes

How it Works

B2B Marketing Lists appended with business credit information can help you develop pre-approved offers which help increase response rates and reduce risks. Reach the businesses that best match your qualification criteria for such factors as geography, industry, demographics, and credit profile.


The Equifax Business Marketing Database is compiled from multiple sources, which are increasingly growing to provide greater coverage and greater accuracy. This database is verified annually and updated daily. The core elements of every business record are verified, and the record is date stamped when it gets verified. Select from the database using different criteria such as geography, industry classification, business firmographics, or business credit information.

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