B2B Marketing Compass

A powerful marketing analytics solution that aids in driving your marketing strategy in the right direction by first understanding two key fundamentals—your ideal customer profile and your market penetration.

Key Features

  • Gain greater, more unique marketing insight on customers and prospects to drive more tactical marketing initiatives
  • Boost marketing and lead generation efficiency by targeting businesses resembling your ideal customer to improve response and conversion rates
  • Enhance strategic market planning by understanding your market share, wallet share and industry benchmark comparisons

How it Works

B2B Marketing Compass helps optimize your marketing strategy so you can explore profitable opportunities within and outside of your customer portfolio. We help you do this by first enriching your files with any new or updated information from our credit risk and marketing databases, and then segmenting key customer characteristics. To compute your market share, we then analyze your customer count against the entire market count in a specific industry, geography or company size.


By analyzing your own customer data, you can therefore emerge with an ideal customer profile that helps you build better campaigns and prospects list, along with a wider industry view that helps you confidently push into new, untapped or underserviced markets, as well as explore hidden "gold mines".

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