No Hit No Score (NHNS)

Gain the confidence to make informative credit-lending decisions on consumers new to the Canadian market, including 18-24 year olds and recent immigrants.

Key Features:

  • Informed decisions concerning a relatively unknown consumer population
  • Easy integration with your existing risk rating system
  • Combined with other scores, it allows you to say "yes" to more customers

How It Works

The 18 to 25 years of age market accounts for more than 40% while the new immigrant market represents 22% of unmatched or no score files. No Hit No Score (NHNS) is a risk model that provides valuable insights into the way such individuals with insufficient credit experience will behave as new customers. NHNS works by aggregating consumer credit data, trade lines and utilization at the postal code level. The sophisticated logical regression model then predicts whether the applicant will pay as agreed. As for other statistical models, scores range from one to 999—the higher the score, the more you can trust the applicant.

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