Custom Models & Scores

Be more competitive with custom business models and solutions that are tailored specifically for your unique business by the Equifax Analytics Consulting Team.

Key Features:

  • Helps you identify when and where to grow your business, and how to edge out the competition to achieve market leadership
  • Optimized models are tailored to match all your business needs
  • Ability to quantify your return on investment

How It Works

Through the hands-on expertise of the Equifax Analytics Consulting Team, our Custom Models and Scores will address the range of your business concerns; from customer acquisition and management to marketing, collection and recovery. Popular custom business models include:

  • Customized Risk Modelsto manage delinquency and bankruptcy risk
  • Attrition Models to predict who is at risk of taking their business elsewhere
  • Profitability Models to acquire and retain the best customers
  • Recovery/Win-back Models to define the best prospects for re-acquisition
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell Models to increase wallet share per customer revenue
  • Response Models to improve lift by modelling both responder and non-responder populations

Learn more about how Custom Models and Score can maximize your business's efficiencies and effectiveness by speaking with the Equifax Analytics Consulting Team today.

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