Canadian Income Predictor (CIP)

Developed using the wealth of information available from the Equifax national consumer credit database, CIP identifies individuals with sufficient income to manage their financial responsibilities and returns an associated three-digit value that is easy to interpret.

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Key Features:

  • Enables you to identify marketing areas according to income
  • Provides an independent estimation of an applicant's stated income
  • Ensures existing credit limits are aligned with a customer's spending potential
  • Segment a portfolio by income to market other products and/or refine an existing product to increase its usage
  • Prioritize your collections efforts

How It Works

Equifax's Canadian Income Predictor provides an independent estimate of an individual's annual employment income in the form of a three-digit income score. The CIP score is derived from:


  • Individual monthly employment income from consumer credit applications for several national financial institutions
  • Credit variables derived from the data in the consumer credit file
  • Statistics Canada Income Data (The Tax Filers Summary Table)


The CIP score can then be used by your business to understand a consumer's individual needs and offer products and services that are specifically tailored to those needs.

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