Canadian Income Predictor (CIP)

Estimate a consumer’s financial potential, enabling your business to be more precise — and confident — in delivering targeted marketing efforts.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to identify marketing areas according to income
  • Provides an independent estimation of an applicant’s stated income
  • Ensures existing credit limits are aligned with a customer’s spending potential
  • Segment a portfolio by income to market other products and/or refine an existing product to increase its usage
  • Prioritize your collections efforts

How It Works

Equifax’s Canadian Income Predictor provides an independent estimate of an individual’s annual employment income in the form of a three-digit income score. The CIP score is derived from:


  • Individual monthly employment income from consumer credit applications for several national financial institutions
  • Credit variables derived from the data in the consumer credit file
  • Statistics Canada Income Data (The Tax Filers Summary Table)


The CIP score can then be used by your business to understand a consumer’s individual needs and offer products and services that are specifically tailored to those needs.

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