Business Failure Risk Score (BFRS)

A risk scoring model that predicts the likelihood that a company will cease business in the next 12 months, resulting in losses for its creditors.

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Key Features:

  • Speed up the approval process of new accounts in an unbiased manner
  • Establish a risk tolerance level for setting appropriate cut-off scores for commercial customers
  • Employ risk-based pricing
  • Determine loss rates—a critical factor in analyzing loss allowance
  • Easily integrate with your existing systems for use in account acquisition and account management processes

How It Works

Business Failure Risk Score (BFRS) provides a predictive score of bankruptcy risk based on commercial demographics, public negative information, and credit and payment information. Scores are based on:


  • Commercial demographics, such as industry classification, geographical region, type of ownership, annual sales, number of employees, and number of inquiries over the last 12 months
  • Public negative information, including existing bankruptcies, suits or judgment liability, amounts of these liabilities, total number and amounts of collection claims, and number of returned checks
  • Credit and payment information, including CI, PI, average number of trades, total amounts owing, trade utilization, the percentage of satisfactory trades, balances, average current balance, and file age in the Equifax database

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