Emergent Score

Identify which of your near-prime consumers have a greater potential to evolve into responsible and loyal customers, without increasing your risk

Key Features:

  • Improve and control your customer portfolio quality without increased risk
  • Maximize your profits through better targeted campaigns and timely credit limit increase authorizations for higher-risk customers
  • Increase the cost-effectiveness of your collections efforts
  • Expand customer relationships by cross-selling, up-selling or renewing account holders as their credit scores improve

How It Works

Emergent Score can help you make better credit decisions on near-prime consumers without increased exposure to risk. Emergent Score predicts the likelihood of a near-prime consumer becoming severely delinquent over the next twelve months. Charge-offs, collections, repossessions, foreclosures and bankruptcies are included. This enhanced risk model returns a three-digit score to allow quick and effective assessment of higher- and lower-risk consumers from within the near-prime pool.

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