Product Overview

In order to help address firms' common marketing and sales strategy challenges, we offer consultative, analytical engagements that can help firms gain insight on customers, target markets, and competitors.

Available to IXI Network Member Firms, our consultative and analytical services are focused on helping firms analyze customers and markets and provide them with actionable recommendations to increase share, deepen customer relationships, and boost the bottom line.

Key Benefits

  • Leverages the right mix of analytical insights and expertise to transform business challenges into competitive advantages
  • Enhances your firm's share of wallet and performance
  • Deepens your insights by combining your firm's data with our aggregated measured wealth insights


Applying Consultative and Analytical Services for Marketing to Your Business

  • Optimize branch network by assessing and capturing market share based on estimated market potential
  • Benchmark performance through tracking segments and performance against competitors
  • Better identify, target, and grow high potential segments
  • Better recognize and target the ‘next appropriate' product or service to deepen customer relationships and cross-sell/upsell products
  • Expand customer lifetime value and customer equity by identifying, maintaining, and developing high value customers and segments
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by differentiating customer loyalty drivers and improving customer experience for key segments


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