Connected Value Index

Differentiate customers by estimated capacity to spend for communications products and services

Product Overview

Connected Value Index offers communications service providers a robust economic measure that helps measure consumers' potential telecommunications spending and payment capacity and identify which customers are more likely to have the capacity to become tomorrow's most profitable subscribers. It is designed to help providers find and retain profitable subscribers, reduce churn, and effectively manage long term subscriber relationships.

Applied as a household level score of 1 - 1000, Connected Value Index enables differentiation of subscribers and prospects by their estimated capacity to spend and pay for communications products and services. Unlike other more generic economic measures, it is built specifically to serve the unique needs of communications service providers. The index incorporates our proprietary modeled measures of subscriber capacity to spend and total income, as well as our aggregated, anonymous proprietary credit scores developed specifically for the telecommunications and wireless industries using account data and other credit attributes.

Key Benefits

  • Estimates and ranks consumers' capacity to spend and pay for communication services
  • Identifies hidden opportunity on your customer base by identifying more customers likely to become your best
  • Improves retention by aligning the right offer with the right customer
  • Built specifically for the telecommunications industry using anonymous, aggregated versions of credit scores developed specifically for the telecommunications and wireless industries
  • Can be applied across the customer management lifecycle
  • Developed solely for non-FCRA marketing purposes
  • Can be appended to any subscriber or prospect file for use in marketing and modeling


Applying Connected Value Index to Your Business

  • Identify profitable segments and their behaviors in order to more effectively acquire and retain them
  • Reduce the impact of involuntary churn of customer attrition
  • Increase ARPU in the face of pricing pressure
  • More effectively manage flexible pricing strategy
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