Confirmation Direct

Confirm an applicant's current employer and annual income range with minimal information

Product Overview

Quickly confirm employment and income

Looking for a simple, cost-effective solution to verify that an applicant is employed and earns an income consistent with what is stated on their application, but without incurring the cost of a full income and employment verification? With Confirmation Direct from Equifax Verification Services, it is as easy as providing just a few pieces of applicant information. Leveraging The Work Number®, our instant database containing employment and income records from over 4,300 employers nationwide, we'll return the results within seconds.

How it works:

  • Provide Equifax with your applicant's Social Security number, current employer and applicant-provided annual income
  • In return you will receive confirmation of your applicant's current employer, most recent start date and annual income range

In just a few simple steps online, you will receive the critical information you need to help reduce the risk of bad debt, at a price you can afford. Confirmation Direct lets you respond instantly to customer applications, direct them to products that fit their needs and close deals faster.

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