Identify target audiences for marketing applications with our household wage income calculation

Product Overview

Comp360 predicts total wage income including income from part-time employment. It is a continuous dollar estimate of total wage income up to $1 million.

Comp360 is not an FCRA-regulated tool and is designed for use by marketers and analysts at financial services and other firms to identify appropriate target audiences for marketing applications.

Key Benefits

  • Predicts total wage income, including income from part-time employment
  • Incorporates multiple dimensions of differentiated data, including anonymous and aggregated wages, investments, credit, demographics, etc.
  • Utilizes Equifax's The Work Number wage information in a referential model at an anonymous, aggregated level
  • Offers a continuous dollar value measure of total income up to $1 million as opposed to income ranges
  • Enables marketers to identify consumers at the lower end and higher end of the wage income spectrum more definitively than with traditional income ranges
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications across the customer lifecycle
  • Can be easily appended to any customer or prospect file


Applying Comp360 to Your Business

  • Identify the most appropriate target audience for marketing and customer lifecycle management applications
  • Enhance mortgage and lending analytics with view of estimated total wage income
  • Improve income validation for account origination and other applications by examining estimated total wage income (with no eligibility decision)
  • Enhance debt-to-income calculations to assess the likely health of loan portfolios
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