Segment debtors

Sort debtors into groups to help prioritise collections activity.

Whether you want to confirm residency, establish a contact strategy or determine how much to collect, segmentation lets you interpret your data quickly and easily – so you can take action more quickly and and make collections more effectively.

Why choose Equifax?

By applying our wide range of models to your debt portfolio, we can help you:


  • Group debtors according to a range of criteria, such as how much they owe, their geographical location, and their propensity to repay or go insolvent, now or in the future
  • Interpret the results in a way that's consistent with your business processes and compliant with relevant regulations
  • Set priorities and allocate resources accordingly – leading to successful collections.


We offer generic models based on the data we hold, and bespoke models based on a combination of our data and yours. The format of the output is up to you – customise it to fit your existing systems, so data can be passed seamlessly between you and Equifax.

To find out which tool is right for your business, call our consultants. They'll work with you to define your segmentation needs and either suggest a generic solution or develop a bespoke solution.

"The flexibility of the Equifax tool also means that intelligence-based segmentation can be combined with Clarity customer data for the greatest collections performance. Putting the customer data into segments means we can tailor collections actions by segment, thereby increasing the level of returns for outbound activity."

Laurence Rix, Corporate Service Director for Clarity
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