Whether you're collecting debt or selling it on, Equifax can help you evaluate what you're owed and how best to go about recovering it.

  • Confirming Residency

    Reconnecting with customers who have outstanding debts is central to collections and recoveries. Doing this in a compliant and operationally efficient manner helps to optimise collections success

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  • Contact Strategy

    Once residency has been confirmed, what contact method, when to contact and what message is used is the next important step to successful collections

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  • Collections Strategy

    Understanding who is most likely to pay; whether a settlement or payment plan is right and how much is the optimal amount to collect; all contributes to maximising collections while treating your customer fairly

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  • Debt Sale / Purchase

    Understanding what a portfolio of debt looks like when being sold is central to successful collections. It also makes sure any debtors are treated fairly while recoveries are maximised

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  • Segmentation

    For any stage of the collections process, understanding, interpreting and operationally using the information at hand is core to successful collections

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